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Making a Difference

Blogged in Me,Pets by Chris Thursday June 18, 2009 at about 13:49

Today at the animal shelter (HSCC) I made a suggestion that improved the quality of life of a feline that’s been feeling pretty lousy. She’d been very cranky ever since I could remember when I started there, and I feel bad for her because she’s such a nice kitty. Evidently, Pixie (AKA Mollie) had been there for about a year… Poor kitty.

After watching her for about six months, I noticed her behaviour around me was very different than when around the other cats in the room. Her expressions would be excited when I came in, but quickly turned sour when the other cats started clamouring for my attention. Mollie became quite hostile and shut-in when the other cats started in on me. I made the suggestion to Melissa today that Mollie should spend some time out of her room and away from the other cats; within minutes she was “smiling” and purring as loudly as she could in Melissa’s office. (Not to mention I noticed the mood of the room seemed to improve as well once Mollie wasn’t around swatting at others’ faces.) Now Mollie will have her own cage, instead of being forced to deal with the other cats.

I’d like to think that by changing how Mollie lives at the shelter for the better, that I made a very powerful impact on her life. By comparison to some personal issues in my life, this made me very happy as well. Mollie may be just a cat, but now she has a better chance of finding a new home.

New Stuff

Blogged in Automotive,General,Pets by Chris Friday September 28, 2007 at about 16:42
  • Nokian W/R Tyres $~711
  • Two new CV axles: $~500
  • Rodent tumor removal: $~130

Damn, I hate not having any money.

At least throwing money at these problems is helping relieve some stress, though it does add another kind for being in debt. I can’t wait until I’m actually making better money than $10/hr.

Oh and please don’t forget to check out one of my new websites… queerLog It’s just a mindless blog that has queer stuff… I guess.

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