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Blogged in Restaurants by Chris Wednesday December 23, 2009 at about 11:43

I’ve tested the very shallow end of the waters in Winooski to see who’d help open a coffee house (with the possibility of late hours), and so far so good. This is my formal publication to stir up and determine more interest, this will get syndicated to Facebook and I’ll tag people to help spread the word.

Here are some basic facts:

  • Use the retail space on Winooski Falls Way or in The Champlain Mill
  • Provide tea & coffee from Speeder & Earl’s (
  • Do live music

Sounds like a typical coffee shop but this is still early days. Please comment…

All Fired Up: Rounds 2 and 3

Blogged in Food,Restaurants by Chris Friday August 12, 2005 at about 22:03

Round 1

One of the appetizers we wanted to try last time was still up on the specials board, garlic knots. Soft dough, pulled into what reminded me of a Celtic knot design, dipped in light oil and coverd in parmesan cheese with little garlic bits. Not bad, wanted more but I had to save room for the new pesto pizza.

A pesto pizza pie sounded tasty, and we were correct, but for only a short period of time.

Another visit to All Fired Up in Barre, VT revealed to us that pesto pizza with parmesan cheese and olive oil can be delicious yet at the same time very filling. Now take a moment to think about what pesto is… according to Wikipedia;
basil (Pra’s Basil for the original pesto alla Genovese), garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, and Parmigiano Reggiano are the main conventional ingredients. The sauce did not originally contain basil, however. Instead, cheese and olive oil were the main constituents. It is commonly used on breads and pasta, though its use is not restricted to these; the sauce is highly versatile. In commercial pesto, cashew nuts are often used instead of pine nuts, as they are cheaper and have a similar texture. In addition, the Parmigiano is often replaced by cheaper varieties of cheese, such as Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano.

This particular pizza pie had pesto and said olive oil. Double the oil, double the fun. For a few slices it was a very new and exciting pie, but after that the sensation of being very ill took over. Apparently one is not supposed to consume so much oil, my fiance agrees entirely. I’d have to say that if they dropped out the extra olive oil, it would have been a better dish, else it’s just an idea left on the cutting board. We had to spare the last two pieces as neither of us would dare eat any more. No dessert for us thank you.

Round 3

This visit we were graced with our favourite waitress, Heather. Another special still on the board we wanted to try, “quattro fromaggio,” seen here. A pizza with mozzarella, fontinella, and parmesan cheese all over white alfredo sauce. Now this was pizza! So far in terms of creativity and taste, the best from All Fired Up. Not much to say other than the flavours received many awards for being able to play well with others.

All slices of the four cheese pie this time left room, even for dessert. Which was a slice apple crisp cake, nothing special to note here really, it was ok. Not too amazing from my standpoint, but worth the money.

Many more visits shall be had.

All Fired Up – Depot Sq. in Barre, VT

Blogged in Food,Restaurants by Chris Wednesday August 3, 2005 at about 19:11

All Fired Up
9 Depot Square
Barre, Vermont 05641

Time of Visit 15:15

  • One pepperoni, black olive and sweet sausage pizza pie
  • Two Mountain Dews
  • Two slices of carrot cake
  • One hot coffee and one ice coffee

Total $27.05

Initially greeted by a nameless female, we were informed that the kitchen was shut down due to a cleaning process that sounded like it involved some nasty chemicals. Apparently pizza was the only food item that was available since it didn’t involve that certain portion of the kitchen. My fiance and I decided to wait until more of the kitchen became available, though a waitress by the name of Heather suggested we try a pizza instead of just sitting around for half an hour.

The first thing you will notice when walking in is the warmly illuminated chalk board of specials and other neat items.

My fiance pointed out a few toppings to me and I agreed, even though I’m not exactly an olive person. After trying a slice, the only thing stopping me was my stomach. I couldn’t say no to more, the sausage pieces were not what you’d come to expect from a normal pizza parlor, these were full size slices of sausage not the usual “chunks.”

All Fired Up uses an old style brick oven for their pizzas and other similar foods, heating the food through conduction via the brick, not radiation of a fire below.

Stuffed and immobile, we were stuck in our chairs just chatting away as Heather comes back to take our plates away. “You’re not going to let that one slice sit there are you? Noo! Let me get you a slice box!” Before we can respond Heather whisks away, only to return with said slice box.

“The menu told us to ask you about desserts,” I mentioned, and Heather rattled off the different after-dinner treats, some items being; carrot cake, biscotti, home-made chocolatechip cookies, coffee, and a few different types of pies… “She said carrot cake!” Giggled my ecstatic boyfriend, “Ok, two slices of carrot cake.”

Heather returns with the carrot cake, only now to inquire about drinks; an iced coffee for me and a regular coffee for Kevin. Both beverages were beyond expectations, even without sugar or cream it tasted like a proper coffee should. Good.

Unfortunately neither of us could finish our slices of cake, so we returned to casual chatter as the front room filled with out patrons. All the while Heather jokingly persisted we have more coffee every so often, but not to interrupt our conversation. All in all, twenty-seven dollars and five cents bought a good meal.

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