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Quick Podcast Plugging

Blogged in General,Technology by Chris Monday October 3, 2005 at about 14:42
  1. This Week in Tech A weekly Podcast run by all of the old TechTV gang; Leo LaPorte, Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorak, Kevin Rose and more.
  2. Friday Coffeeblogging Weekly 30 minute show in a local coffeeshop with free wifi access, topics include anything at all.
  3. Diggnation Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht discuss the most dug stories of the week on

Also, soon enough I’ll have a Podcast going (hopefully) of my radio show, bitTALK. We shall see.


Blogged in Technology by Chris Monday October 3, 2005 at about 14:18

Once upon a time there was a webhost, which outsourced its tech support and IT staff. After such transaction, I had decided to stop paying my bills since they never kept my particular server up for more than 10 minutes.

For more than a year, I had been using around 300 gigabytes of bandwidth every few months in transfer to host a foamy mirror.

Monthly, they’d rebill me the base price but NOT for overages. Oh well. Not my problem, I’ve already moved my main site ( to my new webhost.

FINALLY, they’ve suspended that account. What a shock! However, now I host my foamy mirror on the new host with a bandwidth limit. In particular, I’m limiting the transfer to 100GB a month just to make sure I don’t incur any overages.

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