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Blogged in College,General,Photography by Chris Friday April 21, 2006 at about 03:52

So, this blog has been relatively dead… I won’t argue this.

However, I have a variety of updates!


Episodes 1-3 are online, and more are coming as they’re finally edited.
That and I will be needing a new co-host for next semester, there’s the posibility of a new time slot.


Yay for adding new shots…

Burlington 2006

There’s some shots of the boy too!

Champlain College – The Grind

We had our last open mic night of the semester.
You can visit the entire archive here

The Fiancé

Well, there’s not much to say other than we’re doing quite well. We’re planning on me flying out there, staying for about a week or two, then driving back to Vermont together. We’re looking at around $500 (USD) for this expedition. If anyone can help out by donating. I’d greatly appreciate it.

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