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AT&T 3G Coverage

Blogged in Technology by Chris Wednesday March 18, 2009 at about 21:35

Apple’s headquarters is in Cupertino, CA. According to AT&T’s website, there is no supported 3G coverage in Cupertino…

If I live in Vermont, which just barely let AT&T move in, and I want 3G coverage so I can justify buying an iPhone… What in the hell does that mean for me? Guess I’m sticking with Verizon, which I can get EVDO nearly anywhere. Why in the hell is it so hard for AT&T to have the type of coverage that VZW has? (AT&T 3G Supported Areas)

A smarter move on Apple’s part would have been to let the iPhone have the option for different cellular radios. I can guarantee that Apple would have sold enough units to cover the cost of making so many different SKUs. But what do I know as a consumer?

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