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Windows Live Sync

Blogged in Technology by Chris Wednesday March 25, 2009 at about 20:46

WLS is the bee’s knees; and I’m not just saying it lightly.
Install it on any machine you want to be kept in-sync with your content and make folder pairs, and auto-magically your files will be kept in-sync via the cloud.

On top of the cool factor of it working behind NAT/PAT routers auto-magically, you can log into a web interface (that works really well in non-IE browsers) and browse and download files from any of your hosts running the application. All over https…

I’ve been using this with my laptop and tower in my apartment for backup purposes; whenever the laptop gets online it can transfer transparently, the only downside is large files take their sweet time due to the bottleneck of the cloud.

I’m just impressed. (requires a Windows Live account)

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