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Gov. Douglas to Veto Gay Marriage Bill

Blogged in General by Chris Wednesday March 25, 2009 at about 21:47

wtf. seriously?

Why is one man still in charge of what an entire state does? If it passes the House, doesn’t that mean it’s wanted by people with some sort of education and background? If it made it to the House in the first place, doesn’t that mean that the people of the State want it?

Douglas said this is something that isn’t important to the State, and other issues should be discussed and worked on; which I guess is true, but can’t you just pass the damn bill and move on? Is that so hard? Of course this just boils down to politics, and of course just being an ass. He claims that the current Civil Union law serves the state just fine, but that seems contradictory if the people of the State are trying to get this bill passed. What educated person can make that statement, if clearly there’s a bill trying to be passed to “upgrade” our current rights?

I’m just a bit angry about this whole mess, it’s just ridiculous and pointless. What’s so damned hard about letting people be happy?


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  1. That’s the parliamentary thing I don’t understand. He can’t control the Leg, who has clearly decided that (after the budget, mind) this is important for the State. So the 40 femtoseconds that he spends signing the bill would actually save the time of another debate and override vote (and presumably another “distraction” in another session).

    Worst. Fig leaf. Covering. Bigotry. Ever.

    Said by ntodd 2009/04/04 at about 22:02

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